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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 5, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at three," the pay off will be something to look forward to but first comes some major construction headaches. the project neon closure that will impact many of us starting in just a few hours. >> reed: there's growing frustration over how he was able to get away. and the inability ofol >> marie: plus hermine still causing problems and there is a new storm in the pacific. could it impact southern nevada's weather eventually? >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. thank you for joining us on this holiday. i'm marie mortera. we start with a warning about your tuesday drive. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. construction meant to widen i-15 is about to get messy. overnight a closure happened that you need to know about. >> marie: news 3's denise rosch
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and u.s. 95. that northbound on ramp will be closed for quite awhile. >> reporter: we are talking about two months. from early tomorrow morning until november 15th. right here you can see that the ramp closed sign is already in place just ready to go up. and this closure is necessary to make room for an hov or carpool flyover bridge connecting 95 to interstate 15. this is all part of project neon. a massiveje greatly improve traffic through the spaghetti bowl and beyond. all told, nearly $1 billion will be spent on the work. we talked to employees at a business near this first affected on ramp who say they understand why it's needed. >> i can see south 95, right now it's really going. early in the morning, late in the afternoon, it's just crawling. you know. so think it will be a good thing
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>> reporter: again this ramp will close beginning at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. alternate route suggested is down bonanza heading west to rancho. as for project neon, this will take three years for the entire project. so this detour right here is just the beginning. reporting live i'm denise rosch for news 3, reed and marie back to you in the studio. >> marie: but the end result is supposed to be a great thing. let's keep our sights on that. denise thank you so much. >> reed: he holiday-week end. more than 300,000 visitors are starting to make their way home. that means a lot of traffic. this is a live look at the 15 headed south out of las vegas. >> marie: we had hoped to show you our fast cam focus on the i-15 heading south into california. but the regional transportation commission and nevada department of transportation's fast cam network is not working today. i guess you could say they're taking the labor holiday off, those cameras. so crews are still working on
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we understand that won't actually happen until tomorrow. >> marie: murder suspect who escaped police custody friday is still on the run. you are asked to be on the lookout. we want to show you a picture of alonzo perez. he was being questioned in connection with a murder of mohammad robinson, a local father who didn't open a door to a fast-food restaurant. north las vegas police say perez got out of handcuffs and stole the truck on the right-hand side of the screen. that vehicle was recovered over the weekend. the and dangerous and has been on the loose since. if you see him police say call 911. if you know where he may be and want to leave a tip call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. nevada national guard members at home and in kuwait marking the fifth anniversary with a mass shooting that killed four at a carson city restaurant including three guard members. soldiers and airmen are planning a tuesday memorial walk and run
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the guard complex. las vegas based 17th sustainment brigade will hold a similar memorial rup at a camp in kuwait. the 33-year-old gunman killed himself. he had been previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. >> reed: the first woman elected to the powerful clark county commission has passed away. she was 96. the clark county coroner's office confirmed she died of heart failure. she was first elected commissioner in during her tenure she over saw big expansion at mccarran international and flood control projects also. she was also later elected to the nevada system of higher education board and served in the las vegas valley water district board. the funeral for world war ii veteran guy tano benzast tomorrow at southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery in boulder city. many people stopped by palm mortuary in downtown las vegas for his visitation today.
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useful and beautiful life at the age of 91. he was one of our favorite people to talk with over the years when we needed perspective and inspiration to hear about war from somebody who looked for it. guy tano benza loved sharing stories with us and young people in our community. his funeral will be tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in boulder city. >> marie: can you believe election day just a few months away and people are saying a lot of political ads on the air are going to be here and expect a u.s. senate in nevada is a big reason for that. about $25 million has been spent on tv ads for the race between democrat kath lynn cortez-masto and republican joe heck by end of august. the race for senator harry reid's seat could control which party controls the senate. outside groups are focus their resources on key senate races. >> reed: southern nevada under an air quality advisory because
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air quality issuing a warning over the warning for today because of the elevated levels of ozone and smoke. what does that mean? young children, the elderly and those with respiratory illnesses are especially at risk. so time outdoors should be reduced to as little as possible. >> marie: it was a category 1 hurricane now hermine is a post tropical storm. and it's meandering out in the atlantic a few hundred miles to massachusetts. >> reed: even though it's offshore it's still having an affect from florida to the here's nbc's chris pollone reporting. >> reporter: while hermine remains offshore this labor day her affects are being felt from delaware to massachusetts. >> with high waves, rip tides and strong wind gusts keeping most beach goers close to shore. then there are surfers take a risk of being caught in rip tides for a chance to hang ten. >> we have a leash on our board that keeps it connected to us.
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survival mode. >> reporter: from delaware to massachusetts officials are telling beach goers to stay out of this water. rough seas are disrupting ferry service between cape cod, martha's vin yar and nantucket. >> as hermine meanders north she could bring rain, storm surge and flooding to new york, rhode island and massachusetts. >> it's part of living in new england. it's wonderful. but it's scary at the same time. >> reporter: hermine first made is still causing flooding there. governor rick scott toured the damage in pascoag county sunday. two deaths are being blamed the system. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. >> marie: colin kaepernick's position on the national anthem has caused discussion and controversy. >> reed: later on "news 3 live at three" the high-profile soccer player who joined in his protest. >> marie: part of a nearly 30 year mystery solved. the family of a boy who
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>> chloe: if you have been outside you may have noticed that the temperature has been cooler than normal this time of
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>> reed: two people are dead at least four others wounded as violence ruins events for new york's city's west indian day parade. this comes amid a beefed up security presence for the parade in response to increasing violence. >> we do not accept what happened last night. focused at those who undermine the safety of the many. and as you know, the nypd will find these individuals and will ensure they are brought to justice. >> reed: what was the violence? it came in the forming shooting that happened during a carnival celebrating the caribbean culture. it's held just before dawn each labor day. the event is often mar bid violence.
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by a stray bullet. >> marie: the mother of a boy who went missing in 1989 and whose remains in found buried in a pasture says her family is grieving. she says they are not ready to speak pubically. a masked gunman abducted jacob wetter ling in october 1989 near his home. patty since became a nationally recognized advocate for missing children. jacob's remains positively identified over the weekend. but a person of interest has been held on child pornography charges since october. >> reed: hawaii dodges not one but two tropical weather bullets. the rough conditions still hanging around the islands and the latest updates on the tropical weather in the atlantic and pacific. >> reed: time to start thinking about going back to school and work if you didn't have to labor on the long labor day weekend. chloe's full weekday weather
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hurricane lester is moving away from the islands now. that storm still creating huge waves though. take a close look here. some surfers braved the big surf with lifeguards on water craft patrol the water. others chose to admire from a safe distance. many people pulled over to marvel at those waves. hawaii department of transportation also brought in truck loads of boulders to protect coasta the area has a history of high surf eroding the asphalt. >> reed: i bet the deals to go to hawaii are pretty good. somebody should check the travel website. >> marie: at the very least take a mental vacay. not that we're not happy here. it's always nice to be here with all of you even on a holiday. >> chloe: especially when the weather is cooler than normal. you can go out and take a jog for once and it feels great.
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profusely. hopefully you are enjoying the weather this holiday. we're going see calm conditions continue at least for now. a bit of a shake-up is expected later in the week. but today it's been pretty nice. very light winds. under ten miles an hour. skies actually have cleared up quite a bit compared to yesterday where we did see areas of smoke. just a few clouds developing over the mountains this afternoon. and winds have been light for the most part for most of the day. like i said, temperatures are cooler than normal around here. we verde high school in summerlin. also 85 degrees near skye canyon and 89 degrees north las vegas airport. so, again, snies nice weather right now. this morning temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. we're going see similar weather overnight tonight. here what's we're seeing right now. the mid-80s are oe west side of town. 92 degrees for the downtown area. temperatures low to mid-90s at
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really a factor this afternoon. you can see very light across all of our neighborhoods right now. so certainly feels good outside. and even outside the valley we're at 92 degrees for lake mead. 89 degrees for pahrump. 98 degrees, check this out, for death valley. but we are going to see the warmer weather over the next few days. i didn't want to talk -- did want to talk about the air quality. it has gotten better since yesterday. we're in e the green category. we're not going to see too much change next few days you can see over the last few hours that band of clouds really just moving in over the region. nothing too severe. but we are keeping our eye on tropical storm just off the coast of mexico continuing to move northward. here is what we're expecting. as the remains of the system continue to trek hoo our area we're anticipating some showers to develop over the southwest. we're going to say fairly dry as most of the impact will remain
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than normal in the low 70s overnight. winds remain fairly light into earl early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow. we're going see the warming trend continue next few days with highs tomorrow reaching around 96 in las vegas. a couple of degrees below normal. we'll get to the hot weathers we continue our way into the workweek. you can see 98 degrees on tap for thursday. after that it's going to be a beautiful weekend. warmer than this weekend though. the triple digits. by saturday we've got the bite of las vegas going on. maybe bring extra water and pack on the sunscreen and get ready for a toasty weekend. >> marie: get ice cream for sure. >> reed: millions were holding on to their pants as one man tried to back flip into he record book. on the "today show" raymond butler attempted to set the record for longest distance back flip into a pair of pants.
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>> marie: that's how you get dressed. he snagged his first attempt but butler got a second dry. after a few adjustments butler ran, flipped and stuck the landing. he zipped past the old record with a flip of eight feet six inches. laughs. >> marie: i love the face. he was like i did it. labor day marks the unofficial end of summer. many people getting in their last minute grilling on. >> reed: i happen to do a little bit of vegetables look at how many people plan to fire up the grill today and one very important thing people shouldn't forget if they're going barbecue. . >> dana: good afternoon i'm dana wagner. what do you do if you are asked to throw out the first pitch and you are one of the best gymnasts in the world? you will see how she did it
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message.
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so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today las vegas. colin kaepernick getting support from other big name sports stars in his decision not to stand for the national anthem. this u.s. soccer star, megan nino sneeling before the seattle game against the reds star. row pinot saying this is the least she can do to keep the conversation going. wondering if we're we'll see other stars doing the same thing. the final turn of the chevrolet silverado 250 over the weekend. john nemechek going at it with neek achem sending custer into the wall on the final straight away.
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after the race he knew he had won. he was excited that he won. but all of a sudden custer comes at him not pleased with how he handled that final straight away. neither man was injured in this maul fight. u.s. gymnast and olympian laurie hernandez throwing out the first pitch. she's got the face and the gold medal for winning in rio. a couple from arizona who traveled to north carolina to tie the knot little hurricane ruin all of their plans. they went ahead and took their wedding photos on the beach! as hermine was rolling through the area doing it in barefoot. this is a story that they will never forget. that's what's buzzing today las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> reed: thank you so much. a new wing king has been crowned in the birthplace of buffalo wings. >> marie: the national chicken wing festival held in buffalo,
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let's give you a closer look at the feast. more than 70,000 took part. joey chestnut came away taking first place for the third straight year after eating 188 wings in just 12 minutes. i'm good for five maybe. chestnut is the number one ranked professional eater in the world. but the contest came down to the last bite as chestnut only won by buffalo wings served in 1964 at the anchor bar. labor day marks the unofficial end of summer. with that in mind people are firing up the grill today. the study found 86 percent of grilling enthusiasts cook out. here is an interesting side note. no matter who the grill master is pay him or her a compliment. 91 percent of women said they want to hear some praise on
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percent of men say they would like receiving admiration. i think men would want the praise more. >> marie: hubby once again the skirt steaks were awesome. [ laughter ] gas prices this summer saw a big drop and now many americans are enjoying a little extra cash in their pocket. >> reed: you heard it, her steaks wear skirts. coming up a lack at how much we saved in gas. >> marie: a family members a young boy killed by an alligator during a disney world. this would have been his third birthday. we'll tell you how the family is
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>> reed: crossing paths. clinton and trump using the labor day weekend to stump for voters today. the latest campaign stops that left both of their planes sitting on the same tarmac. >> marie: weighing in. president obama addressing controversy surrounding
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kaepernick. and the athlete's refusal to stand during the national anthem. >> reed: holiday creeps. seems like every year those decorations are put on shelves earlier. why retail stores say they're doing it >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> marie: while most americans were enjoying this holiday this was a busy workday for hillary clinton and >> reed: labor traditionally marks the past push to november. >> marie: today clinton and trump crossed paths on the political map. brian more has the story from -- brian moore has the story. >> reporter: two presidential campaigns on the same tarmac in cleveland. that's no coincidence. on this labor day holiday hillary clinton and donald trump were working hard for votes in ohio. the state that could settle this 2016 presidential race.


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